Sales test in store

Test in Store

Since 2016, Win the Store, then under the name of Testinstore, has carried out test sales for Swedish and European food companies in both grocery and service trade.

A major challenge in the food industry is knowing whether a new product will sell or not, which of course is impossible to predict before it is on the market. The difficulty of knowing what will or will not succeed means that a significant number of products that could be potential blockbusters never have the chance to show their true value.

“The sales test in store project went as planned and it helped us to understand the market. And it got us listed at ICA”

Sami Wirman: Country Manager & International Sales Director at Fazer Lifestyle Food 

This is how it works

The producer/supplier provides information about the product(s) that are planned to be launched on the Swedish market but that they want to test IRL in store before a final decision on whether or not to launch is made.

The products are then tested in test stores in different sizes (depending on the supplier’s preferences) and placed on regular shelves in the category in which the product would normally be seen on the shelf, without extra marketing efforts.

Finally, sales data is collected from all stores, which is analysed, presented and can serve as a good indicator of how the product and price will fit in the Swedish market.

Good stuff with
Test in Store

– Get the opportunity to sell the product in store

– Get sales statistics

– Get a good decision base before launch

– Make sales pitches to buyers

– Get feedback from store staff and shoppers

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