About us

Win the Store is run by a network of people and companies with specialist knowledge in grocery trade and retail. Together, we have countless years of experience in sales and negotiation, which has given us a wealth of important knowledge and valuable insights.
We would like to pass these on to you as a producer or supplier.
We have held central positions with a number of large suppliers and then worked against many of the largest grocery chains such as ICA, Coop and Axfood, but also in the wholesale and catering sectors. We also have specialists in the convenience market and more areas within the FMCG segment.

We have a wide network within chains and the channels needed for you to have the opportunity to sell your product – of course we help with everything you need for your launch – our team is at your disposal

Let us now guide you in the right direction in an the FMCG industry marked by complex expressions and rules, or perhaps just act as support during an extra tough period.


I am passionate about sales and driven by the desire to always create new opportunities to lift the business to greater heights.

I have worked in sales all my life, with the exception of the years when I studied for my
Degree of Master of Science in Business Administration and Economics at Stockholm University.
I have many years of experience in advanced sales within the grocery and retail industry from companies such as Nokia, Coca-Cola, Expressen and Santa Maria.
The grocery trade is a complex industry to work in for those of us who have long experience, and how difficult is it for new ?

We like to help both experienced companies that need expertise, and new companies- both domestic and foreign and ofcourse we have experience from both!

That is the reason why Win the Store was created – to enter our exciting world of FMCG
Sanna Carlbäck
Founder, Win the Store